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Published in the 2020 Web Server Issue of Nucleic Acids Research

PDBMD2CD: providing predicted protein circular dichroism spectra
from multiple molecular dynamics-generated protein structures

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?Choose one or more PDB/mmCIF format files OR a .tar.gz, .zip or bzip2 archive of Structure Files

?Enter a four letter PDB code. If entering multiple codes, seperate them using commas e.g. XXXX, YYYY, ZZZZ

?Check the box to analyse each model in a multi-model PDB (e.g. an NMR structure or MD-derived trajectory) individually


Original PDB2CD

PCDDB network

Protein Ciruclar Dichroism Data Bank
Database for SRCD and CD spectral data and tools for validation and comparison of CD data.
Obtain secondary structure content from CD spectra using DichroWeb.
Meta Server for secondary structure assignment and secondary structure comparison of PDB structures.

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